Why should I’ve even care?

Why should I’ve even care?

When I could be under the rain

in the jungle,

completely naked.

Why should I’ve even care?

about reclaiming my nakedness, my nudity

when I can finally be myself.

Why should I’ve even care?

about this dream,

when I decided to be naked,

Water was arriving from its long trip,

for our date.

Why should I’ve even care?

about wearing clothes to cover so much shame,

when the skin I am wearing was being kissed

by every single warm and cold drop of rain.

Why should I’ve even care?

when we dance together

infinite droplets meandered,

swam and flew

before falling down from the sky to my skin.

Why should I’ve even care?

when so much magic has happened 

for us to dance together again.

So many things had to happen

to find myself,

to meet me again.

All I needed was

to seek this dance,

to experience it, 

to embrace it.

And to be free of anything that would stop me

breathing from the inside to the outside.

So I could be naked,

be myself

and live out one of my truths.

To dance

without needing anything other than myself.

To feel how the damp and playful earth

supports me and encourages me

to follow my own footsteps.

To remember that I could be myself;

being human, woman,

daughter of Mother Earth,

nymph, goddess

and my own medicine.

At the beginning I had decided to abandon this dance,

maybe because I didn’t believe that dreams come true.

But in that moment,

that moment of dancing,

I deeply missed this feeling of wholeness.

I couldn’t resist coming back immediately

to continue being myself.

Why should I’ve even care?

about being myself

when it’s all that I am and all that I have.

It is what I came here for.


to be myself

just like all the forest beings

that were with me that afternoon.

To my other self, Water.

And to the truth that lives within us.

Thank you for your truth, for your journey.


Costa Rica, August 18th 2019

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