You are not robbing it

Do you realise 

that we are dancing?

Well then,

I am the Moon,

singing like a Mermaid. 

I am Mother Earth,



Simply beautiful

and pure.

You, who are the Sun,

from your blazing fire, 

you play pirate.

Handsome pirate,

you feel tempted to take the treasure,

to take me.

Do you want to taste what everyone talks about?

And maybe the only way you know, to experience this beauty:

to enjoy it, to feel it,

to taste it,

is to take it. 

However!…maybe you are telling yourself…

Perhaps, to rob the divine, 

is just the way that I have learnt.

Maybe, I cannot take the next step,

because I do not know if i can even enjoy this beauty. 

Do I deserve this divinity?


I also feel guilt, shame, and even fear,

because I am robbing;

playing this “dirty” game,

where I should play to be a “me” that cannot show its shadow.


if I do not play this game,

I could lose such divinity and such beauty…

I could lose the sacred.

I think it is because I have not had the fortune to experience such divinity before,

or because I think it is scarce. 

In fact, I must take it now!

Make it mine!

because someone else may come and I would feel regret.  

But at the same time, if I take it,

Could I be responsible for hurting it?

So maybe, just for a moment, I will try to not see what I am seeing…

such divinity. 

To not feel guilty,

for even feeling this desire. 

Although my handsome Pirate, 

what would happen if I tell you…

You are not robbing,

because I am sharing this divinity.

This divinity I am also giving to myself, 

It lives through me. 

Because I give what I am. 

I tell you, 

being divinity, is simply being myself. 

Just as you are. 

So, if you see this divinity;

if you admire it,

desire it,

love it,

and respect it,

you do not need to take care of it. 

You do not need to take it,

to label it. 

If you want, you can enjoy it. 

Dance with me as you are,

as I dance with you being me: 

loving me, loving you.

I love you,

so you do not need to rob what you already have.


Both human beings with nature,

like you and me.

August 8th 2019, Costa Rica

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