Love & freedom · in the Time of Coronavirus


no more freedom!

It was March 16th

when I heard the borders were going to be closed.

People asked me:

What’s going to happen with your flight Natalie?

I just could say to their looks of concern:

“I don’t know”

I was utterly at peace.

I did not know what was going on,

y sentía que volaba de tanta paz.

I was overflowing

with gratitude and love.

That night,

my heart had a talk with the moon,

My heart started to expand,

in a way that I could hardly breath.

The reason?

I was certain that

there was way more love and happiness

coming into my life.

So, the next morning

I ended up in a Cafe

writing “Yo tan Yo y Tú tan Tú”.

I felt prepared to receive it.

At the end,

and here’s the story…

My flight to Chile was cancelled,

and yours to Germany too.

I was smoking my habano,

and you were drinking beer.


we got stuck in Costa Rica.

Luckily at the same hostel.

You sat in front of me,

“así, todo guapo”

to know what I was looking for.

I was absolutely amazed.

You are not lovely,

tú eres puro amor puro.

I just had to enjoy

that you knew my answer.

It was you!

“Tú tan Tú” was true.

And that’s how I thought again

“all the clichés are clichés,

’cause they are true”


What’s going on?

There is no need to know!

Since then,

We are on an island,

living the dream really dreamed.

You look at me.

I feel naked.

We talk,

and we don’t.

My heart continues expanding,

acariciando suavemente el tuyo.

Everything feels right

and it is so cute!

You say “at least”,

and I say “a lot”.

Love is infinite.

You drink beer,

I have peanuts.

Together, is definitely better.

You are there,

tired of using technology.

I am here,

running again.


I will be running soon into your arms!

“Ich liebe dich Guapo”

Now I can fly.

I feel you Sebastian.

I feel free!


Even being “apart” from you

ha sido la peli más romántica del mundo mundial 🙂



May 2nd of 2020.

San José, Costa Rica


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