Be yourself, Be at home

Be yourself,

It’s about stopping

and then continue.

It is to stop.

To stop everything.

To see what everything means to you

right now.


to observe.

Stop to have a look at what you see.


to say again what you already said.

Stop, to be the first one

who’s listening what you are saying.

Stop to hear.

Stop to heal.


to check what you are doing.

Stop normality.

Is it normality normal to you?


Stop to check who you think you are now.

Stop doing what does not mean

-anything- to you now.

Stop, to be.

Stop to know who you want to be.

To remember who you are.

Stop, to be reborn.

Stop to feel the emptiness.

“Who am I?”

“Yeah, I’m lost”

“What am I going to do now?”

Stop again.

Stop to stop.


To feel what you think.

Stop to think what you feel.

Stop to re-start.

Stop to continue.

what parents can not do anymore.

Continue with yourself.


To look at you,

as your first house.


To see how you move.

To taste how you talk.

To be amazed with yourself.

To dream with your dreams.

To travel to your 5-star options.

To buy what you believe.

To dance with your steps.

To know you more and more.

To enjoy life with your true self.


To feel yourself,

as your first home.

To appreciate it.

To clean it.

To reorganize things.

To have fun re-decorating it.

To sing “welcome home”

To have a party with people can not believe

how beautiful is your new home.

They would ask you how you do it!

They would love to help you,

They are going to take care of your new home.



To continue being.

To continue breathing.

To continue, being yourself.

To continue, staying at home.

To continue being,

what parents can not do anymore.

What children need to see on you.

Thank you for inviting me.

Your home is awesome!

“Being yourself

es habitar la casa”

#selflove #coronatime

From my new home 🙂 Love in the time of Coronavirus


May 7th of 2020.

Escalante – San José, Costa Rica.

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