I see miracles

I need you to know,

about this.

I need you to know,

I see miracles.

I see miracles,

I see you.

I need you to know,

I am nature,

I am yours.

I need you to know.

I see you when you sleep.

I intensely feel you,

when you see.

I think of you,

when I see nature.

I think of rivers when you think.

I think of balance when you talk.

I think I’m flowing,

’cause you feel.

I am a river,

’cause you are.

I feel autumn,

’cause you are the wind.

I’m blooming,

I feel you like the sun.

I am yin,

you are yang.

I smell morning coffee,

when you breathe.

I breathe deeply,

when you smell my hair.

I have morning coffee,

’cause you exist.

I touch our dreams,

when you hold my hands.

I dream with your hands,

caressing our dreams.

I feel your hands now,

caressing our home.

I feel you,

I feel alive.

I hear your voice,

I am in nature.

I fell in love with your nature.

I feel at peace.

I tell my truth,

’cause you are.

I’m going home,

’cause you are.

I’m thankful,

’cause you are meine Traummann.

I walk to heaven,

when you know about this.

Gracias Sebastian.

I love you.


June 25th of 2020

“counting days to see you again”

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