El rezo

Es prender la vela cuando está oscuro.

El rezo.

Es sentir lo que se siente.
El momento.
Ver, que está oscuro.

Querer prender una vela.

Saber lo que se quiere.
Pedir para saber.

Abrir el corazón para recibir.

Dar gracias, por lo oscuro.
Dar gracias, por la luz.

Nataly, Dec 14th of 2020 – Germany

To trust. Confiar.
Sometimes it is not that easy, ’cause I get nervous…

Then I look into nature and I remember that classic phrase: “life provides, it always does” And when I look into Nature, I see so much miracles…😍😁 that it is impossible for me to not trust.

Ufff such a relief!

Vielen Dank liebe Evelin für das Geschenk 💘 It arrived just before our meeting to see if I could stay longer here in Germany (with my family) and my Deutsch pre-exam.

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