Creamy Soup ideas without cream (vegan)

I love soups, at a point that I could have soup every single day. That’s why when I was cooking in a Permaculture Farm in Costa Rica I got the name of “soup lady”.

And yeah, I think I make so often soups ’cause I find them so nutritious, versatile and a perfect final result when we have leftovers at home or even not so many ingredients to create a great meal. Also, I found is a really nice way to add veggies and legumes to our diet, specially when people don’t like the so much 😀

Potatoes and carrots creamy soup

And as nowadays I’m experiencing the cold winter again, I wanted to try following the same principles for a creamy pumpkin soup but this time, with other veggies and legumes too! and without any cream.

So here, some principles:

  1. Choose 1 main ingredient (pumpkin, chickpeas, potatoes, corn, red lentils, green peas, etc.)
  2. Check a 2nd partner ingredient that would go as a of the first one (tomatoes, carrots, onions, broccoli, etc.)
  3. Condiments; garlic, turmeric, chili, cumin, oregano, parsley, salt, sunflower oil, basil, sesame seeds, soy sauce, paprika, ginger, etc.
  4. How to get it creamy without any cream? As I try as much as possible to avoid buying cans that then would end it up in the trash, I’ve being replacing coconut milk/cream and milk cream by veggie milks I make at home (almond and oat milk). Or! if I’m running out of milk, I just add a small cup of outs to the mixture before blending. And yeah! It works! Check here the recipe for veggie milks Cómo Hacer Leche Vegetal en Casa

My favourite combinations:

  1. Pumpkin with onions (condiments: garlic, turmeric, salt, chili, oil, ginger, parsley, soy sauce)
  2. Chickpeas with tomatoes (condiments: garlic, turmeric, salt, chili, oil, ginger, tomato sauce, basil)
  3. Potatoes with carrots (condiments: garlic, turmeric, salt, chili, oil, sauté sesame seeds, oregano)
  4. Corn with tomatoes (condiments: garlic, salt, chili, oil, sauté onions, basil, cumin)
  5. Red lentils with carrots (condiments: garlic, turmeric, salt, chili, oil, sauté onion and pepper, oregano)
  6. Green pees with boiled broccoli (condiments: garlic, salt, chili, oil, sauté onions, parsley, cumin)
Chickpeas with tomatoes creamy soup


  1. Soak & Boil: if you chose legumes, soak them the night before and boil them for 20 minutes. If instead you want to try with veggies, just start boiling them (pumpkin, potatoes, broccoli). I always keep the carrots raw, to keep its nutrients and vitamins.
  2. Sauté in a pan: in general I prefer to sauté onions, peppers or paprika and specially, garlic, turmeric with a spoon of coconut oil. Sometimes I also add sesame seeds.
  3. Mix in a blender: put the boiled main ingredient + the 2nd partner ingredient + condiments + 2 cups of veggie milk or 1 cup of oats + 3 cups of water. Mix for 2 to 3 minutes.

Heat, serve warm, decorate with seeds and a teaspoon of soy sauce or veggie milk and enjoy!

Además, las creamy soups me recuerdan a las papillas de bebé, ahora que tengo 20 semanas de embarazo.


January 27th of 2021. Germany

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