Creamy Soup ideas without cream (vegan)

I love soups, at a point that I could have soup every single day. That’s why when I was cooking in a Permaculture Farm in Costa Rica I got the name of “soup lady”. And yeah, I think I make so often soups ’cause I find them so nutritious, versatile and a perfect final resultContinue reading “Creamy Soup ideas without cream (vegan)”

Berry Pie

It was 30th of December when, thinking about a dessert to celebrate my first Silvester (New Year’s Eve) with our friends, I thought immediately “Oh I could make a Lemon Pie!” ’cause I love it and being pregnant helps me a lot. And then I realized that not everybody love that citrus flavor… But, “whoContinue reading “Berry Pie”

Mágico Cacao Caliente · 3 Pasos

Porque es 100% Pura Felicidad… Cuando llueve adentro o afuera. Cuando el corazón está contento o cansado. Cuando necesitas abrigo, calma, amor… Ahí, es cuando sabe más rico el “Chocolate caliente”. 100% puro CACAO, sin aditivos ni químicos. Cabe diferenciar entre Cacao y Chocolate. El Cacao 100% puro es amargo, no incluye leche, azúcar uContinue reading “Mágico Cacao Caliente · 3 Pasos”