Humane Tourism

Humane Tourism

Tourism Project Management, more sustainable and humane

Consulting and Project Management

on Sustainable Tourism and Training.

Sustainability and Permaculture in Tourism

  • SCR Programs Coordination with focus on community-company integration
  • Market Profiles
  • Good practices Guides
  • Development of informative content for brochures and tourist signs

Strategic Management for Businesses and Tourist Destinations

  • Strategy und Business Plan development
  • Commercial Deck Designed
  • Position Profiles
  • Procedures Manual

Training in Sustainable Tourism & Entrepreneurship

  • Educational Program Design, about Sustainable Tourism, business and commercial management, with canvas methodology.
  • Training: talks and workshops “learn-by-doing”
  • Digitalization of educational content

Methodology and Values

  • Connecting your projects needs with those of its biocultural environment.
  • Based on mutual collaboration, in an ethical and respectful manner.
  • Applied and for sustainable development, with a long-term vision, motivated by results in the short-medium term.
  • Measuring results, correcting, learning.
  • Grow local, think global.
  • Honestly; I don’t change the world, but I do contribute to great improvements.
  • On-site or remote, always with passion and commitment for what I do, for the pleasure of working together for a better future.

Clients and Projects

here some examples

Let’s talk about the next project

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Latest Blog Posts

about Sustainable Tourism, Applied Management and Tourism Education, based on my experience and trips

“Nowadays we travel, more than without leaving trace, sowing wellbeing”

Nataly Ortiz-Stehle


+7 years collaborating in Sustainable Tourism, CSR, Permaculture and Education in Latin America.

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