Humane Tourism

Humane Tourism

Promote a Humane, Sustainable and Regenerative Tourism, with your organization, project or travel.

Consulting, Project Management and Training.

in three key areas for the development of a more humane tourism: Sustainability, Management and Education.

Sustainable and Regenerative Tourism

It is one that connects the traveler with biocultural destinations and people, as well as with him/herself.

Nowadays, Tourism calls us to regenerate what we have damaged: to regenerate ourselves, just as nature does so well for itself.

And let’s be honest, we all want to continue traveling, and we are never going to help nature if we don’t even know how to do it with ourselves. So traveling to re-learn how to coexist (to live and travel) is the new key.

This requires an internal reflection, transformation and maturity from us as human beings, knowing that we are (part of) nature.

Because it is through coexisting with our environment what allow us to contribute to the regenerative development we need.

“Regeneration starts with ourselves”

Applied and Systemic Management

Management has been always a vital tool for any organization or project, and now it is for the development of every team work member.

So, a system-based management focuses on process and purpose rather than results, since these are its consequence (as nature does). This means:

“the success of each team member, leads to the success of the organization, and thus of its environment where it operates, which goes back as fuel to the organization and its team”

And when management is applied, it simply allows us to connect with; each other’s ideas, skills, needs and tasks, ’cause it is easy to communicate. So, It also helps us to see the value in what others do, to learn new methodologies, and work together for a common purpose.

I like to call it “the kind of management to work together” that leads us to develop ourselves as to achieve the goals we want and actually can.

In this way, we can work for a humane and ethical purpose, from within and for our biocultural environment.

“By suppressing competition we begin to collaborate with others immediately” Humberto Maturana.

Tourism Education that connects

It is through constant education about; regenerative development, sustainable economy, collaboration, humanization of business & travels, among others, that we all in the tourism industry (stakeholders and travelers) can together position education as a basic right to sett up the foundations of our coexistence.

For all tourism stakeholders, education is a fundamental tool in promoting the traveler’s connection with him/herself, and thus with the environment or destination he/she visits.

Likewise, education motivates travel: trips to re-learn how to live in harmony, in community and in an integrated way, as part of the complete system (ecological, social and economic)

And to be eternal learners, is part of our nature, it’s what keep us in constant regeneration, alive!, open-minded, flexible and ready to adapt. It lets us to enjoy the present moment, to be grateful for the past and at the same time, to build up the future.

It connects us with others experiences as with ourselves development. It lead us to collaborate.

“Because today, more than without leaving traces, we travel sowing well-being”

Connecting your needs with those of your biocultural environment,

in each project and step, for a mutual and sustainable collaboration, ethically and at a Local-to-Global level.

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+7 years collaborating in Sustainable Tourism, CSR, Permaculture and Education in Latin America.

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