Healthy Choco Cookie Ideas

Here 2 ideas of cookies I’ve been making since I knew I was pregnant, specially to have another yummy option for nourishing my body with oats, bananas and nuts. Option 1) Choco-Banana Ingredients: 200 gr. Oats 100 gr. all-purpose Flour / you can replace it with almonds flour 3 big organic and ripe bananas (mashed)Continue reading “Healthy Choco Cookie Ideas”

Carrot Mayonnaise

This is an easy, yummy and plant-based recipe I started to try in 2018 and really changed my meals! ‘Cause, who does not like a homemade healthy mayonnaise? It was only one day before moving from Chile to Costa Rica, when I decided to get this book “La Mesa” . It has all the recipesContinue reading “Carrot Mayonnaise”